Selasa, 04 Januari 2011

Tattoo Designs and Origins - Five Designs

Most tattoo designs have some sort of meaning and origin. Some are legendary, some are based on tales and fables, whilst others are factual. We try to present five different popular designs with their meanings.
1.Barbwire Tattoos - This design originated from a prison culture and probably represents the wire at the top of the prison fences. Along the way, they became popular among the Latin people. Today all cultures can be seen wearing these designs.
2.Celtic Tattoo Designs - These designs feature tattoo crosses and interwoven lines in the form of knots, spirals and mazes. Both of these type of designs are culturally very significant to people of Scottish, Irish  and Welsh origins.
3.Eagle Tattoos - The significance of American culture, cannot be underestimated in the popularity of these designs. The patriotic connection with regards to the military, the national bird and a sense of American pride, is represented by the amount of people ready to wear this design on their bodies. Especially popular among men.
4.Dragon Tattoo Designs - These designs represent how Asian influence, have cut across boundaries into Western culture. The dragon is legendary creature, representing the four faces of nature; Earth, Wind, Fire and Water. Dragons are attributed with healing and powers of destruction. Science fiction is ripe with Dragon tales. They are popular among both men and women.
5.Tiger Tattoos - The Tiger is an animal that represents power, sensuality, grace, speed, passion, anger and danger among many other qualities. These designs have long been popular in India, Japan, China, Thailand and other Eastern countries. Today they are popular in western culture, as people have come to admire this great animal and realize that one day, they might not be with us.
Tattoo designs, as you can see have widely varying origins and meanings, it is fun to know why your tattoo is unique and sets you apart from others.

Girls Tattoos - What Are They Really All About?

So you want to get a girls tattoo? The art of "inking" has been around since time began but in the early days at least the tattoos where for the men folk only. It is only recently in the few decades that tattooing women has become accepted as the norm in our society. This has been driven by our female celebrities and socialites giving the tattoo its place as a thing of beauty and something to be proud of and not hidden
In past times however any woman with a tattoo was branded as someone with low morals or a rebel against society. How times have changed with celebrity endorsement? However girls being girls still prefer girls tattoos that are feminine and they vary quite a lot from the male tattoo designs that are the norm. That is not to say that girls do not like aggressive tattoos and some get huge parts of their bodies inked but the majority get only a small tattoo and most only ever get one.
Where do you place your first tattoo?
The most popular place girls get tattoos is on their back, shoulders, lower back and ankles. Chinese tattoos are also very popular on the insides of the arms and these always have a significance to the person. This could be their star sign or their date of birth or even their Childs name. Getting your lovers name tattooed on your body is not really recommended as the tattoo is for life whereas your lover could be gone in the morning and you don't want that!
Most popular girl tattoos.
1. Flower tattoos: These are a very popular girly tattoo design as flowers have a natural beauty and are very feminine.
2. Star and shooting star tattoos: These are one of the oldest tattoo symbols and can have a strong symbolic meaning.
3. Butterfly tattoos: Girls love butterflies and are perhaps the most popular for a girl tattoo.
4. Fairy tattoos: Fairies are said to have magical powers, so it's easy to see where the appeal of fairy tattoos comes from.
5. Heart tattoos: Hearts are the symbol of love and romance and very popular with girls.
6. Dragonfly tattoos: The dragonfly is one of the most popular insect tattoos a girl can get.
7. Dolphin tattoos: The dolphin tattoo again is very high on the list. Dolphins embody signs of intelligence, benevolence, and fun, no wonder 'swimming with the dolphins' is a much sought-after experience.
8. Zodiac tattoos: As many people believe in astrology, having your own zodiac sign tattooed is a good option. As mentioned earlier these zodiac signs can also be recreated in Chinese style writing.
These are the most popular types of designs for girls tattoos but there is no hard and fast choice as each tattoo is very personal to the person but whatever you decide to get think carefully as a tattoo is for life.